Baccarat Party Made at Home

You want to have the glamour of the casinos and the glitz of the Champaign and the jewelry but you cannot quite afford to travel the distance or dress up for the high society casinos. You want to bring things home and serve your guests something that has been home cooked and fried. You want to entertain your guests with the most popular and prestigious casino game which is baccarat and you are throwing a baccarat party just for that game alone. All you will need it this checklist to fulfill everything you have to obtain before the baccarat party starts.

First you have to get the baccarat set for the baccarat party. This includes the table to the game itself with a good looking and sturdy tabletop, several decks of cards from the same manufacturer so that they look equal, a couple of people to hire as a dealer, chips to gamble with and a card mixer or card shoe with a paddle for the full baccarat effect. You can get all of these items at gambling store or online and you can hire your own friends, laymen or real dealers from the casinos. Make sure that their dress code abides by the baccarat party rules, which means that all the dealers have to wear tuxedos.

Buy everything that has to do with a party. You should have tables and chairs for your guests, drinks and food for snacks and servings and of course alcoholic drinks for a little zest in the party. Tell your guests that this baccarat party is going to be a gambling party where everybody who would like to gamble should bring enough money. It is however not necessary to have the same initial wager for the baccarat party as the casinos have. You can lower the wager to let us say $25 per round instead of the minimum of $50.

The last step is to get enough personnel for the party so that you can be the host that does not have to worry about every tiny detail on the baccarat party night itself. Send out the invitations in style with special made paper and inform your guests on the invitation that there will be a formal dress code. Advise your guests of discretion as well, although it is really just a baccarat party, some countries may have different laws on gambling in private homes and you should inquire about them as well.

Once you are set and ready to go, let your guests in and welcome them to your special baccarat party where you gamble your night away with family and friends in a special baccarat game.